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Stainless Steel Dai Duong

2001: Joined commercial stainless steel

2003: Establishment DAIDUONG CO., LTD specialize in all kinds of stainless steel coils, sheets, tubes, round bar, Angel V, flat bar industrial pipes, ornamental tube, wire, ... are imported from countries such as MALAYSIA, INDIA, SOUTH KOREA, ...etc

2009: Establishment of a plant for stainless steel production DAIDUONG O S S specializes in manufacturing stainless steel tube, Angel V (corner) stainless used in industrial, household and decoration

2012: Investment in technological lines from Garg Inox (India) for the production of wire and bars conform to Garg standard, serving domestic trade and export

Currently, Stainless steel Dai Duong have been a leading provider in Vietnam products of stainless steel coils, sheets, decorative tubes, casting pipes, industrial pipes, oval tubes, wires, bars (round, hexagon, square, angle (V), flat) ... numbers of above products manufactured by DAIDUONG factory has been exporting to Europe, Asia, Latin America, such as Turkey, India, Malaysia , Indonesia, Brazil ...


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sản xuất inox theo tiêu chuẩn quốc tế
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